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In presenting this Genealogy to the descendants 
of the Kincardineshire Branch of the Nicol family, I 
have to thank many members for their kind help in 
correcting the printed draft lately circulated. 

My thanks are specially due to the Rev. James 
Smith, B.D., of St. George's-in-the-West Parish, 
Aberdeen, for his diligent searchings of old Registers 
in Edinburgh, etc., and for his most kind and 
ungrudging help. 

With regard to the more ancient history I have 
been assisted by Skene's book, " The Highlanders of 
Scotland," published in 1837. This publication was 
awarded the prize offered by the Highland Society of 
London for the best History of the Highland Clans. 
Much of Skene's information was derived from MSS. 
the property of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh, 
and in particular the MS. believed to have been 
written in 1450, and which has the date upon it — 1467. 

As errors may have crept in, I should be greatly 
obliged by their being pointed out to me. Should any 
new matters of interest in connection with the family 
be discovered, it is probable that a further addition of 
this Genealogy will be printed. 

W. E. Nicol. 


July, 1909. 

The Nicol family are undoubtedly descendants of 
the Macnical or Macn'icail Clan, who were descended 
from the ancient Gaelic tribe (the Northern Picts), the 
earliest inhabitants of the district of Ness, on the 
north-west coast of Scotland, off the Minch. 

Skene, in his "Table of the Descent of the High- 
land Clans," shows the Macnical Clan as one of the 
eighteen great clans. They were under the Maormor- 
ship or Earldom of Ness, Macnicol being Chief of the 
Clan. From Skene's account of the Macleod and 
Macnical Clans, it appears that on the death of the 
last Macnicol chief, his daughter and heiress married 
Torquil Macleod, a younger son of the Chief Macleod 
of Glenelg or Harris. By this marriage the Macleods 
acquired possession of Edderachylis, Duirnes, Assint, 
and Coygash, the lands previously owned by the 

There is little doubt that after the death of the 
Chief, the Macnicals lost adhesion, and ceased to exist 
as a clan. 

The Nicols to which this Genealogy refers came 
from the County of Sutherland. After frequent and 
severe fights with the Macintoshes, they, with others 
of the clan, moved southwards about 1600, many 
settling in Aberdeenshire and Kincardineshire, others 
going as far south as Glasgow. 

William Nicol. 

B. 1692. M. 1st, abt. 1723, Ann Jaffray, B, 
1693. She D. 14 May, 1728. M., 2nd. 
21 Apl., 1730, Isobel Milne or Mill. B. 1709. 
She D. 5 Apl., 1770. 

He was a farmer at Bringieshill, or Brownieshill, 
in the parish of Arbuthnott. He D. 23 Dec, 1753, 
and was buried, as were many members of his family, 
in Arbuthnott Churchyard. 

Issue, 1st Marriage : 

I. Robert. B. abt. 1724. M. Nov., 1745. 
{Vide p. 3) 

II. John. B. 20 May, 1727. D. in infancy. 

A. Jean. B. 1728. Baptised 15 Apl., 1729. 
D. in infancy. 

Issue, 2nd Marriage : 

I. William. B. 25 Mch., 1732. D. in infancy. 

II. James. B. 31 July, 1734. M. 4 Nov., 1764. 
D. 18 Apl., 1808. {Vide p. 4) 

HI. Alexander. B. 15 Feb., 1745. D. 14 Mch., 

IV. William. B. 13 Feb., 1747. M., 1st, 22 Nov., 
1771. M., 2nd, 23 Apl., 1786. D. 
26 Apl., 1815. {Vide p. 5) 

V. John. B. 25 Apl., 1749. D. 9 May, 1749. 

A, Isobel. B. 19 Feb., 1731. D. in infancy. 

B. Elspet or Elizabeth. B. 19th Apl., 1733. 

D. in infancy. 

C. Margaret. B. 25 Apl , 1736. D. 20 Oct., 


D. Janet. B. 10 Apl., 1738. D. in infancy. 

E. Jean. B. 27 June, 1740. D. in infancy. 

F. Isobel. B. 22 Nov., 1742. D. 7 Feb., 1776. 

G. Jean. B. 28 Aug., 1750. D. in infancy. 
H. Margaret. B. 1 Apl., 1752. 

From the Tombstone in Arbuthnott Churchyard, 
there were two more daughters, Christina and Ann. 
As their names appear after Robert, the eldest son, 
they were probably born in 1725 and 1726. 

Robert Nicol. {Vide p. 2) 

B. abt. 1724. M. Nov., 1745, Elizabeth Young. 
B. 1724. 

He was farmer in Craighill, in the parish of 
Arbuthnott. He appears to have moved to the farm 
of Hareden, in the same parish, in 1760. No record of 
the date of his death has been found. She D. 9 July, 


Issue : 

I. A child. B. Nov. or Dec, 1747. 
II. Robert. B. 6 Nov., 1749. D. 22 July, 1761. 

III. Alexander. B. Feb., 1760. D. 8 Mch., 1760. 

IV. John. B. 8 Aug., 1761. 

A. Elizabeth. B. 15 Dec, 1751. 

B. Isobel. B. 25 June, 1757. 

No further trace of this family has been 

James Nicol. (vide p. 2) 

B. 31 July, 1734. M. 4 Nov., 1764, Elizabeth or 
Elspet Rankine. In the marriage register she 
is entered as of the parish of Fetteresso, but 
at one time her father, James Rankine, was 
tenant of Upper Criggie, in the parish of 
Dunnottar. She B. 1733. D. 27 Feb., 1812. 

Jas. Nicol was for some years tenant of Bringies- 
hill and Overseer on the Arbuthnott Estate. 
About 1783 he became tenant of the farm of 
Fawsyde, parish of Kinneff. In 1802 he built 
for himself a cottage in Upper Catterline, 
which was called Birdy's Knapp. He D. 
18 Apl., 1808. See epitaph Arbuthnott 

Issue : 

I. William. B. 1765. M. 1794. D. 1827. 
{Vide p. 6) 

II. James. B, 1767. M., 1st, 1789, 2nd, 1816. 
D. 1849. (Vide p. 8) 

III. Andrew (twin). B. 1769. M., 1st, 1795, 2nd, 
1807. D. 28 May, 1837. (Vide p. 10) 

A. Helen (twin). B. 7 Mch., 1769. M. 2 Feb., 
1790, James Cowie, Mains of Catterline, 
parish of Kinneff. 

Issue : 

1. Hugh. B. 12 Sept., 1792. 

2. William. B. 8 July, 1794. 

a. Jane. B. 17 June, 1796. 

B. Jean. B. 22 July, 1770. ) A11 three died 

C Rachel B *o Aol 1772 U oun g' and were 
c. Kacnei. a. 30 Apl., 1772. buried in Arbuth . 

D. Elizabeth. j nott Churchyard. 

E. Margaret. M. 7 Sept., 1797, George Watt, 

from Montrose. 

William Nicol. (Vide p. 2) 

B. 13 Feb., 1747. M., 1st, 22 Nov., 1771, Helen 
Robert. She B. 24 June, 1742, D. 28 Oct., 
1784. M., 2nd, 23 Apl., 1786, Rebecca, dau. 
of Alexr. Taylor, farmer, Easttoun of Glen- 
bervie. She B. 3 May, 1757. D. 22 July, 

He was farmer at Bringieshill, parish of Arbuth- 
nott, where he D. 26 Apl., 1815. 

See epitaph Arbuthnott Churchyard. 

Issue, 1st Marriage : 

I. William. B. 19 Sept., 1772. M. 15 Sept., 
1798, Ann Edward. She D. 14 Apl., 

Issue : 

1. Alexander. B. 13 Dec, 1800. 

2. David. B. 9 Feb., 1802. 
II. David. B. 14 Aug., 1775. 

III. Alexander. B. 9 Apl., 1778. D. 28 Apl., 

IV. John. B. 13 Nov., 1782. 
A. Elspet. B. 19 Mch., 1780. 

Issue, 2nd Marriage : 

I. James. B. 15 July, 1789. M. 1818. D. 1869. 
{Vide p. 12) 

A. Helen B. 25 Jan., 1787. M. 21 Nov., 1818, 
Alexander Byres, Burnfoot in Menmuir. 

William Nicol. {Vide p. 4) 

B. 27 July, 1765. M. 25 Nov., 1794. D. 25 Nov., 

He married Margaret Dyce, only surviving 
child James Dyce of Badentoy and 
Mains of Findon, a merchant and burgess 
of Aberdeen. 

She B. 17 Dec, 1772. D. 23 Jan., 1841. 

Wm. Nicol, M.A., M.D., Aberdeen, a Surgeon 
R.N., from which he retired 1792, and settled 
in Stonehaven as a medical practitioner. 
There is no record of the date of his entering 
the Navy, but he served on the Mediterranean 
Station on the Flagship " Leander " from 
June, 1789, to March, 1792. He was buried 
in Fetteresso Kirkyard. She in St. Andrew's 
Scottish Church, Rodney Street, Liverpool. 

Issue : 

I. James Dyce. B. 1805. M. 1844, Catherine 
Loyd. D. 1872. {Vide p. 13) 

A. Jane Fordyce. B. 1795. M. 1818, John 

Fleming. D. 1841. (Vide p. 15) 

B. Mary. B. 1797. M. 1816, Alexr. Low. 

D. 1867. (Vide p. 16) 

C. Margaret Dyce. B. 1799. M. 1822, Wm. 

Nicol. D. i860. (Vide p. 18) 

D. Elizabeth Forbes. B. 1802. M. 1828, 

R. Duckworth. D. 1868. (Vide p. 17) 

E. Grace. B. 3 July, 1809. D. 18 Mch., 1811. 

Buried in Fetteresso Churchyard. 

F. Christina. B. 181 1. M. 1835, J a s- Wright. 
D. 1845. (Vide p. 18). 

From a memorandum book kept by Dr. Wm. 
Nicol from 1 Jan., 1802 to 30 June, 1804, now in the 
possession of Sir Dyce Duckworth, some insight is got 
into his habits and character. He was evidently a very 
sociable, hospitable person, dining and supping out 
very frequently, whether accompanied by his wife or 
not is not recorded. An entry often appears : " Had 
company to dinner." He was fond of a game of cards, 
his losses or gains, varying from 6d. to 3s., are entered ; 
in 2J years he was a loser of Cs. 3d. He took much 
interest in county business, attending County and 
District Road Meetings, Excise and Small Debts 
Courts ; he was a Commissioner of Income and 
Property Tax, a Captain of Volunteers from 30 May, 
1797 to 1 May, 1802, when the Volunteers were dis- 
charged, by order of the Lord-Lieutenant. Later he 
was a Captain in the Militia. Some curious entries 
which this memorandum book contains will be found in 
the Appendix. 

James Nicol. (Vide p. 4) 

B. 25 Ap., 1767. M. 1st, 1789 ; M. 2nd, 9 Nov., 
1816. D. 24 Apl., 1849. He married 1st 
Helen Barclay, eldest dau. of George 
Barclay, Builder, Aberdeen. 

He married 2nd, Mrs, Jamson (Margaret 
Stephenson). She was B. 13 Jan., 1782. D. 
23 Dec., 1864. 

He was for some years farmer at Fawsyde, parish 
of Kinneff, afterwards went to Banff, where he was 
Collector of Customs. He died at Banff. 

Issue, 1st Marriage : 

I. William. B. 1790, at Fawsyde. M. 1822. 
D. 1879. (Vide p. 18.) 

II. James, B. 10 June, 1796, at Fawsyde. D. 
7 Oct., 1820, on his passage to Bombay. 

Issue, 2nd Marriage : 

I. Andrew. B. 1819, M. 1856. D. 1889 (Vide 
p. 19.) 

II. James. B. 20 Apl., 1823. Believed to have 
died in Australia. 

A. Helen. B. 19 Jan., 1818. M. 20 July, 1843. 
D. 30 July, 1903, at Elgin. 

She married James Crosbie, Banker, at Banff. 
He B. 1809. D. 7 Apl., 1870. 

Issue : 

I. William. B. 1853. D. 29 Dec, 1886, in 

A. Margaret Nicol. B. 30 July, 1844. M.John 
Andrew Maitland. 

Addresses : 22, York Terrace, Regent's Park, 
London, and Friston Place, Sussex. 

Issue : 

1. Frank James. 

Educ. at Winchester. Major in the Sussex 
Royal Garrison Artillery, and J. P. 

a. Ethel. 

B. Mary. B. 22 Oct., 1847. M. Charles James 
Johnston, V.D., D.L., J. P. of Lesmurdie, 
Elgin, where they reside. 


1. William James. B. 11 Dec, 1870. 

Educ. at The College, Inverness ; 
passed into Woolwich 1888 ; joined 
Royal Engineers r8gi, in which he 
is now a Captain. 

M. Florence, dau. of Percy B. Neame, 
of The Mount, Faversham, Kent. 

Issue : 

(1) Charles Percy Ronald. B. 10 June, 


(2) Kenneth Arthur William. B. 2 Feb. 


(a.) Florence Marjory. B. 22 ApL, igoo. 

2. Charles Ernest. B. 18 Dec, 1871. 

Educ. Malvern College ; served in 


South Africa, igoo-i ; Hon. Captain 
in the Army, Major in the Scottish 
Horse Imperial Yeomanry. M. 
23 Feb., igog, Irene, only child of 
S. S. Schultz, of The Gatehouse, 
Sandwich, Kent. 

3. Leonard Crosbie. B. 5 June, 1875. 

Educ. Blair Lodge. D. 3 June, igoi. 

4. Colin MacAndrew. B. 3 Oct. 1880. 

Educ. Malvern College and Queen's 
College, Cambridge. 

5. Norman Nicol. B. 2 June, 1885. 
Educ. Glen Almond. 

C. Jamesina. B. 10 June, i84g. M. William 
Kidner, Architect. 

Address : ig, Sussex Place, Regent's Park, London. 

Issue : 

I. Percy. 

Educ. at Blundells School. An Engineer. 

a. Helen. 

Andrew Nicol. [Vide p. 4 ) 

B. 7 Mch., i76g. M. 1st, 15 Nov., i7g5, Jean 

He resided many years in Montrose. In i8iowent 
to Aberdeen, was admitted a Burgess of Guild, 
Aberdeen, 2 July, 181 1 ; was connected with 
the Aberdeen Town and County Bank. D, 


28 May, 1837. According to the Aberdeen 
Tournal he was much and justly respected by 
all who knew him. 

M. 2nd, 7 June, 1807, Wilhelmina, daughter of 
Baillie Robert Garden, Aberdeen, and 
Elizabeth Moir, his spouse. She B. 21 Aug., 
1778. D. at 4, Dee Street, Aberdeen, 5 Apl., 

Issue, 1st Marriage : 

I. David Brown. B. in Montrose 2 Feb., 1803. 
D. in India after 1854. 

A. Jean. B, 21 Aug., 1796. M. John Scott, 

merchant, Dundee. He D. before 1854. 
She D. in Dundee, 12 Aug., 1868. No 

B. Elizabeth or Eliza. B. 30 May, 1798. D. 

about 1865. 

Issue, 2nd Marriage : 

I. James. B. in Montrose 8 May, 1808. He 
had a son George Garden Nicol, described 
as of Baton Range, Louisiana 

II. George Garden. B. in Montrose 5 Mch., 
1810. D. in London 16 Jan., 1897. 
Buried at Highgate. M. twice. No issue. 

He was a merchant in China and Singapore, later 
a banker in London, Director of the London Joint 
Stock Bank, the North British and Mercantile Insurance 
Company, the Eastern Telegraph Company, the 
Eastern Extension Australia and China Telegraph 


He bequeathed ^20,000 to a Trust called The 
Garden Nicol Benevolent Fund, for the benefit of 
ladies of Aberdeen Town and County who having been 
in affluence are reduced to poverty ; ^20,000 to the 
University Court of the University of Aberdeen, the 
income to be applied by way of Bursaries at such 
University or of Exhibitions and Scholarships at the 
English Universities ; besides large bequests to Scottish 
and English Hospitals. 

A. Susan. B. 8 Oct., 1811. D. Apl., 1821. 

B. Williamina. B. 28 July, 1813. D. 7 Aug., 

1827, at Strathmartine, near Dundee. 

C. Janet Robertson (Jessie). B. 8 Sept., 1815. 

D. 17 Oct., 1827. 

James Nicol. {Vide p. 6.) 

B. 15 July, 1789. M. 5 Dec, 1818, Margaret 

She B. 1796. D. 17 Nov. 1852, at Mains of Barras. 

He was tenant of Mains of Barras, parish of 
Kinneff. D. 12 Jan., 1869. 

See Epitaph, Arbuthnott Churchyard. 

Issue : 

I. Robert. B. 14 Dec, 1819. D. 13 Apl., 1901, 
at Bervie. 

He was for many years in business in Colombo, 


II. James. B. 15 Aug., 1821. D. 12 Jan., 1850, 
at Mains of Barras. 

III. John. B. 29 Mch., 1823. D. 29 Mch., 1849, 

in Ceylon. 

IV. William. B. Aug., 1825. D. 17 Mch., 1826. 
V. David. B. 16 May, 1827. D. 11 Sept., 1882. 

A. Jane. B. 21 Aug., 1829. M., 8 Feb., 1853, 

John Lindsay, farmer, VVhistleberry. 

B. Ann Anderson. B. 15 Dec,, 1831. D. 4 Feb., 

1906, at Stonehaven. 

James Dyce Nicol. {Vide p. 6.) 

B. 13 Aug., 1805. M. 14 March, 1844. D. 16 Nov., 

Married Catherine, 2nd dau. of Edward 
Loyd, banker, of Manchester. B. 26 Aug., 
1815. She D. 14 Dec, 1905. 

He was educated in Aberdeen and Glasgow ; 
entered the firm of Wm. Nicol & Co., of 
Bombay, at the age of 16, became a partner 
in 1826, left Bombay 1838, retired from Wm. 
Nicol & Co. 31 July, 1844 (the remaining 
partners being Jas. Wright, Alex. Hadden and 
John Smith). 

In 1850 he added Ballogie and Balnacraig, Aber- 
deenshire, to his paternal estates of Badentoy, etc. ; in 
1859 he purchased Newtonhill and Gillybrands, Kin- 
cardineshire, and Cairnrobin adjoining Badentoy, and 
in 1863 Midstrath adjoining Ballogie. 


He represented his native county in Parliament 
July, 1865, to Nov., 1872 ; was J. P. and D.L. for 
Cos. Kincardine and Aberdeen. He and his wife are 
buried in the Kirkyard of Birse. 

From letters still in existence, he was an excellent 
son to his devoted father and mother. 

Issue : 

I. William Edward. B. 1846. M. 1873. {Vide 
p. 22.) 

II. Jas. Dyce. B. 30 June, 1848. M. 5 Oct., 1898, 
Alice Maud, dau. of John Warden, I.C.S., 
Senior Member of Bombay Legislative 
Council. Educated at Rugby and Trin. 
Coll., Cambridge, M.A. An East Indian 
Merchant 1871 to 1892. Agent for Bank of 
England at Hull from 1895. J. P. and D.L. 
for Kincardineshire. 

III. Lewis Loyd. B. 10 Apl., 1858. M. 16 June, 
1886, Agnes, eldest dau. of Sir Sanford 
F reeling, K.C.M.G. Educ. at Harrow. 
Joined the Rifle Brigade 1879. Colonel 
Comdg. 3rd Battn. 1906. Saw service in 
Zululand, Waziristan and South Africa. 
Succeeded to the Estates of Newtonhill 
and Gillybrands, Kincardineshire, in 
1883. J. P. for Kincardineshire. 

Issue : 
a. Violet Nora. B. 12 Sept., 1887. 

A. Margaret Dyce. B. 15 Dec, 1844. Address, 
24, Drayton Court, Drayton Gardens, 
London, S.W. 

B. Sarah Loyd. B. 23 May, 1854. 

Jane Fordyce Nicol. {vide p, 7.) 

B. 24 Sept., 1795. M. ig Jan., 1818. D. 2 Sept., 

She married John Fleming, Merchant of 
Glasgow, who D. in Glasgow 17 May, 1846. 

Issue : 

I. John. B. 17 Feb., 1831. M. 11 Sept., 1856. 
D. 26 Mch., 1894. {Vide p. 23.) 

II. James Nicol. B. 16 Sept., 1832. M. 27 Oct., 
1859. D. in Edinburgh 20 Feb., 1904. 
{Vide p. 25.) 

III. William Edward Nicol. B. 5 Feb., 1834. 
D. 27 Sept., 1854, at sea, on his way 
home from Bombay. 

A. Margaret. B. 25 Aug., 1819. M. 1840, Robert 

Paterson. He B. 1808. D. 1863. She 
D. 1875. {Vide p. 27.) 

B. Jane Nicol. B. 27 Dec, 1820. M. 30 July, 

1844, Rev.William Arnot, B.A., Glasgow, 
she D. at Oxford, Penn., U.S.A., 18 Nov., 
1899. {Vide p. 30.) 

C. Christina. B. 27 July, 1822. M. 1843 Alex- 

ander Mitchell of Sauchrie. She D. 1866. 
He D. 1886. {Vide p. 34.) 

D. Mary (twin). B. 7. Jan., 1824. M. Thos. 

McMicking of Miltonise. No issue. 


E. Agnes (twin). B. 7 Jan., 1824. D. 13 March, 


F. Elizabeth Forbes. B. 2 Sept., 1825. M. 1855, 

Rev. D. Macgregor. She D. 1905. (Vide 
P- 39-) 

G. Williamina Nicol. B. 19 March, 1827. M., 

1849, James Buchanan Mirrlees. She D. 
1853. (Vide p. 41.) 

H. Ann. B. 11 Jan., 1829. M. 1856, Gilbert 
Beith. She D. 1864. (Vide p. 42.) 

Mary Nicol. (Vide p. 7.) 

B. 27 Feb., 1797. M. 26 Aug., 1816, Alexr. 
LOW of Criggie. D. 1867, at Norwood. 
He D. 25 March, i860, at Bath. Both 
buried at Bath. 

Issue : 

I. Alexander. B. 19 June, 1817. D. at Geneva, 
8 July, 1904. General, C.B., Colonel 
4th Hussars, K.C.B., 1904. Served in 
Eastern Campaign (Crimea), 1854-55, m ~ 
eluding the battles of Alma, Balaklava, 
Inkerman, etc., rode in the charge of 
Balaklava, commanded the Regiment at 

II. Andrew. B. 24 Feb., 1819. Drowned, 24 Feb., 
1838, in a mountain torrent, near Nice, 
before the eyes of his parents, trying to hold 
a restive carriage horse. 


A. Mary Catherine (Mai). B. 29 April, 1831. 
D. in London, 25 Oct., 1907, leaving no 
issue. M. 1st, 12 April, 1857, John Halkett 
Le Couteur, Lt.-Col. Coldstream Guards. 
M. 2nd, Sept. 1885, Captain Nath. Geo. 
Philips, late 47th Foot. He D. in London, 
Dec, 1905. 

Elizabeth Forbes Nicol. (Vide p. 7.) 

B. 13 Apl., 1802. M. 19 Aug., 1828. D. 14 July, 

Married Robinson Duckworth, Merchant, 
of Liverpool. She D. in Paris. He in 
London, 31 Jan., 1875. 

Both buried in Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool. 

Issue : 

I. William Nicol. B. 8 Nov., 1829, at Gibraltar. 
M. 3 Oct., 1861, Elizabeth Paterson. D. 
16 Mch., i8gg, at Copford Place, Col- 
chester. She D. 3 May, 1908. (Vide p. 43.) 

II. Robinson. B. 4 Dec, 1834. (Vide p. 44.) 

III. Henry. B. 27 Aug. 1836. M. 12 Feb., 1867. 

(Vide p. 45.) 

IV. Dyce. B. 24 Nov., 1840. M. twice — 26 April, 

1870, and 4 Nov., 1890. (Vide p. 46.) 

A. Elizabeth Forbes. B. 29 Jan., 1832, at Malta. 
M. 3 Sept., 1856. (Vide p. 47.) 


Christina Nicol. (Vide p. 7.) 

B. 10 Jan., 1811. M. 31 May, 1835. D. 28 March, 

Married James Wright. B. 1807. Merchant 
in Bombay, partner in Wm. Nicol & Co , who 
D. 12 Nov., 1876, aged 6g. Both died in 

Issue : 

I. John. B. 17 May, 1837. M. twice. D. June, 
1871, at Agra, India. (Vide p. 49.) 

II. James William. B. 11 Feb., 1839. D. 24 July, 
1899. Unmarried. 

A. Constance. B. 7 Jan., 1841. M. 1862. 
D. 1876, in London. (Vide p. 50.) 

William Nicol. (vide p. 8.) 

B. 15 Sept., 1790, at Fawsyde, parish of Kinneff. 
M. in Bombay, 4 Jan., 1822. D. in London, 
28 July, 1879. 

M. his cousin Margaret Dyce Nicol. (Vide 
p. 7.) She was B. 25 July, 1799. D. in 
London, 8 Aug., i860. 

He was educated in Aberdeen. In 1810 he went 
to Bombay on board the E. I. Co.'s Ship Carmarthen 
as surgeon. Settled in Bombay 1820. Founded the 
firm of Wm. Nicol & Co., in Bombay, in 1821. Left 
Bombay in 1828. Retired from Wm. N. & Co. 
31 July, 1839. Was M.P. for Dover 1859 to 1865. 
J. P. and D.L. for Kincardineshire. 


He was Director of several Companies, amongst 
others the London and County Bank from Feb., 1856, to 
Nov., 1878, and was instrumental in raising it to its 
present high position. 

In 1841 his mother-in-law wrote of him: "He 
is truly amiable and worthy of much respect ; he 
may well be termed the Peacemaker." These words 
equally applied to him in later life — he was the 
dearest old man. Heavy troubles came upon him 
in his old age, through no fault of his own. He 
never complained or said a harsh word about anyone. 

He was buried in Brompton Cemetery, and his 
wife was buried in her mother's grave in St. Andrew's 
Scottish Church, Rodney Street, Liverpool. 

They left no issue. 

Andrew Nicol. {Vide p. 8.) 

B. Dec, 1819. M. 1856. D. 1889, at Elgin, and 
buried there. 

Married Jane, dau. of John Stronach, of 

Muiryfold, Banffshire. 

Andrew Nicol was formerly Merchant in Colombo. 
M.L.C. for some years. A coffee planter owning 
various plantations in Ceylon. 

Mrs. Andrew Nicol resides at Kingswear, South 


Issue : 

A. Mary Frances. B. 1857 at Auchintoul, Banft- 
shire. M. 1883 Augustus Thorne, of 22, 
Great Cumberland Place, London, and 
Dornhirst, Sevenoaks. D.L. Tower 
Hamlets. Merchant, London. Barrister 
at Law, Middle Temple. He D. at 
Lossiemouth, N.B., 1901. 

Issue : 

1. Augustus Francis Andrew Nicol. B. 1885. 

Educ. Eton and Sandhurst. Lieut, 
and Assist. Adjt. 1st Battn, Grenadier 

2. Thomas Fleetwood Joseph Nicol. B. 1888. 

Educ. Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. 

a. Mary Augusta Margaret Nicol. B. 1884. 

M. 1905 Robt. William Piggott Clarke- 
Campbell-Preston, of Valleyfield, Fife, 
and Ardchattan Priory, Argyllshire. 

Issue : 

(1) Robert Modan Thorne Clarke. B. 7 Jan., 
1909, at Ardchattan Priory. 

(a) Mary Charity. B. igo6. 

(b) Mariel Hope. B. 1907. 

b. Sarah Constance Pellew Nicol. B. 1889 

c. Frances Helen Rennie Nicol. B. 1892. 

d. Anne Dorothea Dyce Nicol. B. 1893. 

Mrs. Thorne resides at Dunconusg, Lossiemouth, 
N.B., and at 22, Great Cumberland Place, 
London, W. 


B. Blanche. B. 1859, in Ceylon. M. 1888 James 

Allan, Solicitor, Elgin, where they reside. 

Issue : 

1. Andrew Nicol. B. 1889. Educ. Fettes 


2. James Rennie Nicol. B. 1892. Educ. 

Blundell's School, Devon. 

3. Dyce Nicol Crosbie Victor. B. 1897. 

a. Blanche Constance Nicol. B. 1890. 

b. Jane Nicol. B. 1899. 

C. Margaret Dyce. B. in Ceylon i860. M. 1889. 

D. 1894 at London, buried at Elgin. 
Married Ernest Francis Messervy, Coffee 
Planter, Ceylon. He D. there 1893. 

Issue : 

1. Gerald (twin). B. 1890. Educ. Eton. 

2. Paul. B. 1892. D in London 1893. 

3. Ernest Dyce. B. 1894. Educ. Eton. 
a. Phyllis (twin). B. 1890. 

D. Alice Joanna Stronach. B. in Ceylon 1862. 

M. 1887 James Roydon Hughes, Coffee 
Planter, Ceylon, now in business in 

Issue : 

a- Sybil Worsely. B. 1888. 

They reside at Woking, Surrey. 


Constance Isobel Lumsden. B. in Ceylon 
1863. M. 1896 David Francis Nedham 
Farquharson, formerly of the Eastern 
Telegraph, Hong-kong, now Manufacturer, 

They reside at Edgbaston. 

William Edward Nicol. {vide p. 14.) 

B. 2 Nov., 1846. M. 20 Nov., 1873. 

Married Catherine Nicoll Lewis. B. 4 March, 
1848, only child of John Wm. Prout and 

cousin and heiress of JosephNicoll, of Neasden, 
Middlesex, a Moneyer of the Mint. 

Her grandfather, Wm. Prout, M.D., celebrated 
chemist of his day, was chosen as one of the 
writers of the Bridgewater Treatises ; subject 
of his Essay : " Chemistry, Meteorology, and 
the Function of Digestion." B. at Horton, 
Gloucestershire 15 Jan., 1785. D. at Sackville 
Street, London, 9 Apl., 1850. He was a man 
of exceedingly retiring habits, but greatly 
respected by those who knew him. He M. 
1814 Agnes, eldest dau. of the eminent 
Scholar, Alex. Adam, LL.D., author of the 
" Roman Antiquities." Rector of the High 
School, Edinburgh, 1771 — 1809. B. 1741. 
D. 18 Dec,, 1809. He was honored by a 
public funeral. The Prouts have owned land 
in Gloucestershire since the time of Queen 


Educ. privately. In business in London 1865 to 
'69. Travelling 1870-71 India, China, Japan, 
Straits Settlements, Australia, America, etc. 
J. P. and D.L. for Cos. Aberdeen and Kincar- 
dine. Lt. -Colonel Comdg. London Scottish 
R.V. 1891-4. V.D. Chairman of Parochial 
Board and Parish Council of Birse, and 
Member of School Board of Birse since 1873. 
Member of Aberdeenshire County Council. 

Addresses: 37 Queen's Gate, London, and Ballogie, 
Aboyne, N.B. 

Issue : 

I. Malcolm William Prout. B. 20 Apl., 1879. 
D. 4 Apl., 1891. 

II. Randall James. B. 19 Aug., 1882. Lieut. 4th 
Battn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 

A. Margery Catherine. B. 8 May, 1880. 

B. Dorothy Ada. B. 20 Aug., 1885. 

John Fleming, C.S.I., 1865. (Vide p. 15.) 

Educ. High School, Glasgow. Many years in 
business in Bombay and London. B. 17 Feb., 
1831. M. 11 Sept., 1856. D. 26 March, 1894, 
at Bromley, Kent. 

Married Mary Isobel, dau. of Robt. 
Buchanan, of Ardoch. B. 9 July, 1836. 
D. 21 Oct., 1907, at Bute. 

Both buried in Hayes Churchyard. 

2 4 

Issue : 

I. William Nicol. B. 8 July, 1865. Educ. 
Dulwich College, In business in China, 
Messrs. Jardine, Matheson & Co. Served 
in Shanghai Light Horse in Shanghai, 

II. John Arthur. B. 6 Apl., 1867. D .Aug., 1870. 

Ill, Norman Robt. B. 27 Mch., 1868. Educ. 
Dulwich College. In business in Canada. 
Served in South Africa in Paget's Horse 

IV. Malcolm Buchanan. B. 2 Apl., 1870. 
Drowned off Peniche 28 Oct., 1892. 
Educ. Dulwich College. 

V. Edward Graham. B. 7 July, 1871. Educ. 
Dulwich College. Electrical Engineer. 
Messrs. Siemens Brothers' representative 
in India. Served in London Scottish 
Vol. Service Coy. in South Africa 1900. 

VI. Herbert James. B. 1 Jan., 1873. Educ. 
Dulwich College and Pembroke Coll., 
Oxford. M.A. Oxford. Army Chaplain 
at Crete. 

VII. John Kenneth Sprot. B. 5 July, 1874. 
Educ. Dulwich College and St. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital. Indian Medical Service. 
Captain 5th Gurkha Rifles. 

VIII. Hamilton Maxwell. B. 4 Mch., 1876. 
Educ. Dulwich College. In business in 
the Argentine. Served in South Africa in 
Brabant's Horse, 1900-1901. 


A. Mary Buchanan. B. g Aug., 1858. D. 26 June, 


B. Agnes Isobel. B. 28 May, i860. 

C. Alice Clara. B. 25 Jan., 1862. M. July, 1895, 

Rev. T. F. Paterson, Rector of East 
Bergholt, Suffolk. 

Issue : 

1. Hugh William. B. 15 Nov., 1897. 

2. John Frederick. B. 13 Feb., 1902, 

a. Mary Helen. B. 6 July, 1896. 

b. Eva Buchanan. B. 4 May, 1899. 

D. Beatrice Helen. B. 7 Oct., 1863. M. Nov. 

1897, ner cousin, Jas. Nicol Fleming 
Mitchell. (Vide p. 36.) 

E. Margaret Elizabeth (Margery). B. 11 Apl. 


James Nicol Fleming. {Vide p. 15.) 

B. 16 Sept., 1832. M. 27 Oct., 1859. D. in 
Edinburgh, 20 Feb., 1904. Married at 
Campbelton, Argyll, Elizabeth. B. 5 Apl., 
1841, only dau. of John Galbraith, at one 
time Provost of Campbelton. 

Issue : 

I. John Galbraith. B. 23 Feb., 1862. Educ. 
Fettes College. Unmarried. Eastern 

Address : 74, Princess Street, Manchester. 


II. Charles James Nicol, St. Bede's, Melrose, 
N.B. B. 5 Apl., 1868. Educ. Fettes 
College, Edinburgh ; formerly Scholar 
Queen's College, Oxford : a University 
" Blue " ; played for Scotland, Rugby 
Football International Matches. Sometime 
in Egyptian and Sudan Civil Service. 
One of H.M.'s Insprs. of Schools for 
Scotland. M. at Glasgow, 6 Apl., 1904, 
Hannah Porteous, dau. of Robert 
Laidlaw. She D. 1905. 

Issue : 

James Clairmont. B. at Balmory, Bute, 
18 Jan., 1905. 

M., 2nd, 28 Apl., 1909, Katherine, eldest dau. 
of Robert Cunningham, Branxholme. 

III. Archibald Nicol. B. 9 Sept., 1870, Major 

I. M.S. 20th Deccan Horse. Educ. Fettes 
College and Edinburgh University. M. 
9 Feb., 1903, Winifred, dau. of Col. 
Anthonisz, retired A. M.S. 

Issue : 

1. Jas. Alfred Claud. B. 11 Apl., 1904, at 

Bolarum, Deccan. 

2. Andrew Ian. B. 17 Aug., 1907, at Bolarum, 


3. A Son. B. 29 Dec, 1908, at Bangalore, 

Southern India. 

IV. Andrew Galbraith. B. 25 Feb., 1878. Educ. 

Fettes College, and R.I.E.C., Cooper's 


Hill. Late Lieut. R.G.A. D. unmarried, 
at Quetta, of enteric, 20 Aug., 1906. 

A. Mary Helen. B. 29 Oct., 1863. M. 6 July, 

1887, Robt. Pitman Gill, of Guntur, 
Madras Presidency. 

Issue : 

1. John Gilbraith. B. 6 Apl., 1889, at Guntur. 

2. Jas. Archibald. B. 6 Oct. 1893 do. 

a. Marion Elizabeth Fleming. B. 29 Apl., 
1888, at Guntur. M. 30 Dec, 1908. 
Captain John Warwick Illius, I. M.S. 

B. Jane Edith. B. 19 May, 1865. M. 20 Mch., 

1902, Dr. P. E. Howie, Strathdon> 

Issue : 

a. Kathleen Fleming. B. 22 June, 1903, in 


b. Jean Nicol. B. 8 Aug., 1904, in Strathdon. 

c. Cecil Don. B. 26 Apl., igo6 do. 

C. Elizabeth Louise. B. 25 July, 1872. Sister 

at St. Thomas' Hospital, London. 

D. Margaret Isobel. B. 8 May, 1875. Resides 

at St. Bede's, Melrose. 

Margaret Fleming. (Vide p. 15.) 

B. 25 Aug., 1819. M. 1840, Robt Paterson, 
merchant and manufacturer, Glasgow. He 
B. 4 Jan., 1808. D. 21 June, 1863. She D. 
23 Apl., 1875. 


Issue : 

I. Robert. B. 1842. D. 1843. 

II. John Fleming. B. 1845. D. 1877. Was a 
Coffee Planter in Ceylon, where he died. 

III. William. B. 1847. M. 1880, Rivers Staines. 

Educ. Rugby and Glasgow University ; 
with Wm. Nicol & Co., Bombay, 1870-4 ; 
travelled in South Africa 1876-8 ; settled 
in New South Wales 1879. Address : 
Glen Lena, Springwood, N.S.W. 

Issue : 

1. Chas. Kerr. B. and D. 1880. Twin. 

2. Walter William. B. 1881. M. 1907. 

3. Allan Macgregor. B. 1883. M. 1904. 

4. Robert Bruce. B. 1885. 

5. Archibald Kerr. B. 1887. 

a. Rivers Margaret. B. and D. 1880. Twin. 

b. Helena Marguerite. B. 1891. 

c Annie Elizabeth Rivers. B. 1893. 

IV. James Nicol. B. 1850. M. 1881. No issue. 

D. igoi. 

V. Charles Robert. B. 1852. M. 1888, Margaret, 
youngest dau. of Alex. Seton, of Preston, 
Linlithgow. ; D.L. for Linlithgowshire. 
He was a successful Tea Planter in 
Ceylon. D. 1907. 


Issue : 

i. Robert Charles. B. i88g. Educ. Charter- 
house and Trinity Coll., Oxford. 

a. Helen Baillie. B. 1891. 

b. Violet Seton. B. 1892. 

VI. Henry Dyce. B. 1855. D. 1900 

VII. Archibald Robert. B. Dec, 1859. 

Address : University Club, Edinburgh. 

Educ. Loretto and Trinity College, Oxford. 
President Oxford University Boat Club. (A 
double blue.) Rowed 4 years, 1881-4, in the 
Oxford Eight. Oxford University Rugby 
Football XII., 1880 2. 

A. Margaret Dyce (Maggie). B. 1841. M. 1870, 
John Mitchell. He D. 1907. 

Address: 1, Bowmont Gardens, Glasgow. 

Issue : 

I.Andrew. B. Jan., 1871. D. Mch., 1871. 

2. John Andrew. B. 1876. Scottish Life 

Assurance Company, Edinburgh. 

3. Charles Robert Paterson. B. 1878. M.D. 

Edinburgh, 1908. 

Address : The Chase, Malvern. 

a. Margaret Fleming. B. 1872. M. 1903, 
George Edward Campbell Martin. 

Issue : 

(a.) Margaret Isobel. B. 1906. 


b. Marion Macfarlane. B. 1873. M. 1901, 

Donald Turner Martin, of Dunlossit, 

Issue : 

(1.) Colin Donald. B. 1905. 

(a.) Margaret Bridget. B. 1902. 

c. Jane Isobel. B. 1875. 

d. Anne Alice. B. 1875. 

e. Helen Dorothea Moncrieff. B. 1885. 

B. Jane Nicol. B. 1843. D. 1862. 

C. Anne Isabella. B. 1857. D. 1859. 

Jane Nicol Fleming. {Vide p. 15) 

B. 27 Dec, 1820. M. 30 July, 1844, The Rev. 
William Arnot, B.A. Glasgow. She 
D. 18 Nov., 1899, at Oxford, U.S.A. He D. 
3 June, 1875, at Edinburgh. 

Issue : 

I. Robert. B. at Glasgow, 22 June, 1850. D. 
at Rome, 23 Feb., 1901. 

Educ. Glasgow Academy and Craigmount, 
Edinburgh. In business Glasgow, Man- 
chester, and America. Latterly East 
India Merchant, London. One of the 
Founders and first Captain London 
Scottish Rugby Football Club. 

II. William. B. at Glasgow, 15th May, 1853. 
D. in London, 13 Nov., 1890. 


Educ. Craigmount, Edinburgh. In business 
Glasgow and America. Latterly East 
India Merchant on Malabar Coast. 

III. John Fleming. B. at Glasgow, 9 Dec, i860. 

M. 28 Sept., 1893, Helen C. N. Stanley. 

Educ. Edinburgh Academy and University. 
Joined National Bank of Scotland and 
Mercantile Bank of India. Eight years 
banking in Australia. Joined his brother 
Robert as Merchant in 1893, in London. 
Now Director Royal Bank of Queensland, 
and other concerns. 

Addresses : Winchester House, Old Broad 
Street, London, E.C., and 25, Sandring- 
ham Gardens, Ealing, W. 

IV. Jas. Nicol Fleming. B. at Edinburgh, 17 Sept., 

1865. M. 27 Mch., 1894, Jane Thorn. 

Issue : 

1. Audrey Fleming. B. 1895. D. 20 Dec, 


2. Alison. B. 1896. 

3. Mary. B. 1897. 

4. Gillian. B. 1900. 

5. Jean. B. 1903. 

Educ. Edinburgh High School. Entered 
Marine Insurance Office in London ; 
afterwards banking in Australia. Now 
Merchant and J. P. for New South Wales. 

Address : Pennant Hills, Sydney, N.S.Wales. 


A. Jane. B. 23 Dec, 1846. M. 12 Sept., 1873, 

J. G. Wilson, of Rashee, Ireland. 

Address : Greystones, Antrim, Ireland. 

Issue : 

1. Agnes Kirkwood. B. 26 July, 1874. M. 

7 Aug., 1900, L. J. Holmes. 

Address : Ferrard, Antrim, Ireland. 

Issue : 

(1) William. B. 5 May, 1901. 

(a) Jean. B. 9 Apl., 1904. 

(b) Agnes. B. 25 Mch., 1908. 

2. William Arnot. B. 16 July, 1876, at 

Rashee, Ballyclare, Ireland. Educ. 
Coleraine Academy. Represents Brook- 
field Linen Company in Manchester. 

Address : 5, Newton Street, Manchester. 

3. Hugh Gilmer. B. at Rashee, 11 Sept. 1879. 

Educ. Dollar Academy and Glasgow 
University. Started as an Engineer, 
but now studying Medicine. Played 
for Ireland in Rugby Football Inter- 
national matches, 1905 — 08. 

Address : Greystones, Antrim, Ireland. 

B. Margaret. B. 11 Sept., 1848. M. 10 Apl., 

1873, Alexr. Fleming of Edinburgh. 

Addresses: 12, Melville Crescent, Edinburgh, 
and The Poplars, Aberlady, N.B. 


Issue : 

i. Alexander Buist. B. 2 Feb., 1874. W.S. of 
Graham, Johnstone and Fleming. 

Address : 4, Albyn Place, Edinburgh. 

2. Jane. B. 28 Aug., 1875. 

3. Isabel Buist. B. 12 June, 1878. D. 10 Aug., 


4. William Arnot. B. 27 Sept., 1879. M.A., 

LL.B. Advocate. 

Address : 18, Nelson Street, Edinburgh. 

5. Margaret Helen. B. 18 June, 1890. 

C. Mary. B. 30 April, 1855. M. 31 Aug., 1876, 

Rev. David E. Shaw, U.S. She D. 5 May, 
igo6, at Oxford, Pennsylvania. 
Issue : 

1. William Arnot. B. 29 Mch., 1882. 

2. Margaret Murdoch. B. 16 May, 1885. 

3. Henry Newton. B. 14 Dec, 1887. 

4. Helen Arnot. B. 26 Jan., 1890. 

Address : Oxford, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 

D. Helen. B. 10 Jan., 1857. M. 15 Aug., 1878, 

Rev. J. A. Wilson, U.S. 

Address: 230, Fairmount Avenue, Pittsburg, 
Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 
Issue : 

1. Jean Shaw. B. 9 Nov., 1879. 

2. William Arnot. B. 15 July, 1881. 


3. Arthur Edwin. B. ig Dec, 1882. 

4. Samuel Roy. B. 14 Mch., 1885. D. 28 Aug., 


5. Ralph Barker. B. 28 Aug., 1887. 

6. Robert Smith. B. 4 Jan., 1890. 

7. Helen Arnot. B. 23 July, 1891. 

8. John Arnot. B. 28 May, 1893. D. 25 July, 


E. Annie Fleming. B. 25 Jan., 1859. M. 7 Apl., 

1887, J. M. Cresson Dickey, Oxford, 
U.S.A. No issue. He D. 29 Oct., 1908. 
Address : Oxford, Chester County, Penn- 
sylvania, U.S.A. 

F. Catherine Edina. B. Jan., 1864. D. Mch., 


Christina Fleming. (Vide p. 15.) 

B. 27 July, 1822. M. 30 Mch., 1843, Alexr. 
Mitchell, of Sauchrie, M.A. Advocate. She 
D. 22 May, 1866. He D. 26 Mch., 1886. 

Issue ; 

I. Alexander. B. 16 Apl., 1844. Educ. Marl- 
borough College and Edinburgh Univer- 
sity. M. 1869 Jeanie McKinnon. He 
D. 2 Aug., 1890. 

Issue : 

1. Alexander. 

2. Henry. 

a. Christina Jane. 


II. John Fleming. B. 22 Mch., 1845. D. 30 July, 
1905, in Australia. Educ. Edinburgh and 
St. Andrews. 

III. William. B. 7 Aug., 1846. M. 8 Jan., 1890, 
Emily Jane, dau. of Major Emerson, late 
of 8th (the King's) Regt. Educ. Marl- 
borough College and St. Andrews. In 
business in Kashmir. A Volunteer since 
1867. Major Commanding Kashmir 
Section 1st Punjab Vol. Rifles. V.D., 
Medal and Clasp for " Hunza-Nagar." 
Served on two Campaigns, viz., " Hunza- 
Nagar," 1891-2, "Chitral," 1895. Woun- 
ded at the Capture of Nilt Fort, Dec, 
1891. Rode winner of first Ballygunge 
Steeplechase, 1869. 

Address : Sauchrie House, Srinagar, Kashmir. 

Issue : 

a. Frances Mary. B. g Nov., 1890. 

b. Nina. B. 8 Jan., 1892. 

IV. Francis Baillie. B. 31 July, 1848. D. 19 
Aug., 1848. 

V. Francis James. B. 14 Mch., 1854. Educ. 
Edinburgh and St. Andrews. In business 
in Kashmir. He has been chiefly instru- 
mental, with the assistance of the Duke 
of Bedford, in establishing successful 
Salmon Hatcheries in Kashmir. The 
Hatcheries were visited by Lord Ampthill 
in 1904 and the Earl of Minto in 1906. 
They have been mentioned with high 


commendation by Sir Louis Dane, Lieut. 
Governor of the Punjab, in letters to 
English newspapers. 

VI. Henry. B. 18 Dec, 1856, M. Nov., 1899, 
Maud, widow of Capt. Henderson, I. M.S., 
nee Naish. He took the name of Hen- 
derson in addition to Mitchell. Educ. 
Edinburgh and St. Andrews. 

VII. James Nicol Fleming. B. 21 Oct., 1858. M. 
Nov., 1897, his cousin Beatrice Helen 
Fleming. Educ. Edinburgh and St. 

A. Robina (Nina). B. 6 July, 1849. M. 1885 

William Paterson, of Monkwood. 

Address: Roseneath, Albert Road, Malvern. 

Issue : 

1. William Henry. B. July, 1893. 
a. Louisa Christian. B. July, 1886. 

B. Christina Jane. B. 4 Apl., 1851. M. 21 Jan., 

1869, Major-General Ralston, C.B., of 
Warwickhill, Ayrshire. He served in 
New Zealand, Afghanistan and Egypt. 
Five medals. 
Issue : 

1. Alexr. William. B. 25 Aug., 1872. D. 
6 Dec, 1898, at Umballa, India. 
Served in North Staffordshire Regt. in 
Egypt and India. Two medals — 
Queen's Sudan, and Sudan with clasp 
for " Hafir." 


2. William Henry. B. 27 Mch., 1883. 47th 

Sikhs. Served with North China 
Expeditionary Force. Passed as 
Chinese interpreter. 

3. Stewart Murray. B. 12 Sept., 1888. Educ. 

Cheltenham College. 

a. Christina Fleming. B. 16 Nov., 1869. M. 

Ivan Cotter Harding, of Ville-es-Cour, 
St. Servan, Brittany, France. 

Issue : 

(1.) Charles Ian. B. 16 Feb., 1908. 

(a.) Yvonne Marjorie. B. 5 Sept., 1906. 

b. Margaret Fullarton. B. 15 Oct., 1870. M. 

Major Arthur Nelson, Bedfordshire 
Issue : 

(1.) Christopher William Hamilton. B. 14 
Jan., 1905. 

c. Nina. B. 10 Mch., 1880. M. Captain 

Macdougall Ralston Kennedy, R.E., 
D.S.O., Director of Works in Egypt — 
the Sudan. 
Issue : 

(1.) Gordon Ralston. B. 28 May, 1905. 

C. Elizabeth Agnes. B. 22 Jan., 1853. M. 23 
Mch., 1870, Richard Kerr of Cunning- 
hamhead, late Major Ayrshire Yeomanry 

Address : Cunninghamhead by Kilmarnock, 


Issue : 

a. Elizabeth Agnes. B. 18 Feb., 1871. D. 

3 Sept., 1895. 

b. Janet Robina. B. 17 Sept., 1873. 

c. Christina Mitchell. B. 20 Dec, 1878. 

D. Margaret Dyce. B. 10 May, i860. M. 18 

June, 1879, Alexr. H. Dunsmure, Coffee 
Planter in Ceylon. She D. 23 Sept., 
1887, in Ceylon. 

Issue : 

a. Nina. B. 1 Nov., 1880. M. 30 Apl., 1903, 

Basil Borradaile, R.E. 

Issue : 

(1.) Hugh Alister. B. 22 June, 1907. 

b. Anita Edith. B. 12 Apl., 1882. D. in 

Ceylon 16 Feb., 1900. 

c. Grace Margaret. B. 6 Dec, 1883. M 4 Jan., 

1908, Capt. John Augustus Legge, son 
of the Hon. Chas. Gounter Legge, 
Master-Attendant, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Issue : 

(a.) Margaret Elizabeth. B. 19 Oct., 1908. 

E. Mary Isobel (Molly). B. 2 Dec, 1862. M. 

5 May, 1886, Tom Elder Barr Smith, of 
Birkgate, Adelaide, S.A. 

His family has been long connected with the 
firm of Elder, Smith, & Co., of Adelaide. 
His Grandfather, Rev. Dr. Smith, of 
Lochside, Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, 


M. Marjorie Barr. He was one of the 
leading seceding ministers at the time of 
the disruption. 

Issue : 

i. Robert. B. 1893. 
2. Tom. B. 1894. 

a. Joanna Elder. B. 1887. M. Apl., 1908, 

James Hay Gosse, of a family many years 
resident in Adelaide, where his Grand- 
father was a doctor. 

b. Christine Margaret. B. 1890. 

c. Mary Isobel. B. 1898. 
d. Ursula. B. 1907. 

F. Eveline May (Eva). B. 4 May, 1866. M. 
16 Sept., 1886, J. P. H. Dunsmure, C.E., 
youngest son of the late Alexr. Dunsmure, 
of Glenbruach, Perthshire. Address : 
Croft Lodge, Sidcup, Kent. 

Elizabeth Forbes Fleming. {Vide p. 16.) 

B. 2 Sept., 1825, at Clairmont House, Glasgow. 
M. 1855, Rev. Duncan Macgregor. He 
D. 1891. She D. 1905 

Issue : 

I. John Fleming. B. 1856. D. 1859. 

II. Duncan Campbell. B. 1858. M. 1888, Chris- 
tina, dau. of William Ranken Fortune, of 


M.A. (Edin.), Minister of Free Church, Elie, 
1882-95 ! °f Trinity Presbyterian Church, 
Wimbledon, 1895. 

Address : 14, Belvedere Grove, Wimbledon, S.W. 

Issue : 

1. Duncan Campbell, B. 1894. D. 1900. 

2. Wm. Ranken Fortune. B. 1896. D. 1898. 

3. Christopher George Mitchell. B. 1903. 

III. William Malcolm. B. 1861. M. 1887, Amy, 

dau. of J. C. Stevenson, M.P. for South 

M.A. (Edin.) D.D. (Glasgow). Free Church 
Minister of Troon, 1886-90 ; Renfield 
Church, Glasgow, 1890-98 ; St. Andrew's 
United Free Church, Edinburgh, 1898. 

Address : 28, Walker Street, Edinburgh. 

Issue : 

1. Duncan Campbell. B. 1888. Exhibitioner 

Trinity College, Oxford. 

2. Jas. Cochran Stevenson. B. 1897. 

a. Elisabeth Shannan. B. 1890. 

b. Margaret. B. 1893. 

IV. Robt. McCheyne. B. and D. 1868. 

A. Jane Nicol. B. 1859. 

Address: C/o Rev. W. M. Macgregor, D.D., 28, 
Walker Street, Edinburgh. 

B. Mary Elizabeth. B. 1865. D, 1888. 


Williamina Nicol Fleming. (Vide p. 16.) 

B. 19 March, 1827. M. 5 June, 1849, James 
Buchanan Mirrlees, Engineer, of Red- 
lands, Glasgow. B. 19 Aug., 1822. D. 16 Nov., 
1903. She D. 20 June, 1853. 

Issue : 

A. Elizabeth Buchanan. B. 21 Apl., 1850. D. 

1 July, 1857. 

B. Jane Fordyce. B. 24 May, 185 1. M. Andrew 

Mitchell, M A. Oxon, Advocate, Sheriff- 
Substitute at Stirling. 

Address : Stirling, and Longlees, Biggar. 

Issue : 

1. Andrew. B. 23 Feb., 1886. B.A. Cantab. 
(Mechanical Science). 

a. Helen Fleming. B. 1 Nov., 1876. D. 

30 Dec, 1892. 

b. Marion. B. 13 July, 1878. 

c. Elizabeth Buchanan, B.A. Dublin. B. 

21 July, 1880. Took First Class 
Honours in " Mods " and " Greats " at 
Oxford. Assistant Classical Lecturer 
at Royal Holloway College. 

d. Margaret Dorothea. B. 16 Nov., 1888. 

e. Jane Rosa Veronica Fleming. B. 28 June, 



Ann Fleming. (Vide p. 16.) 

B. ii Jan., 1829. M. 1856, Gilbert Beith. She 
D. 1864. 

Mr. Gilbert Beith. B. 1827, at Kilbrandon, nr. 
Oban. D. 1904. Educ. at Stirling. Com- 
menced business in Glasgow (Beith and John- 
stone) in 1855 Founded the Eastern Export 
business of Beith, Stevenson, and Co., in 
Manchester, in 1863. Was M.P. for Central 
Div. of Glasgow 1885, and for Inverness 
Burghs 1892-5. 

Issue : 

I. Alexander. B. i860. D. 1862. 

II. William Alexander. B. 1863. D. 1889. 

A. Jane Fordyce. B. 1857. M. 1885, Fredk. 
Lewis Maitland Moir. B. 1852, in Edin- 
burgh. Educ. at Edinburgh University, 
also in Switzerland and Germany. In 
1877 went to East Africa under Sir Wm. 
McKinnon, in 1878 assisted in founding 
and managing the African Lakes Co., the 
pioneer of commerce in Nyassaland. 
Took a leading part in defending Lake 
Nyassa against Arab Slave-traders in 
1888. Was severely wounded while 
storming a stockade. Since 1891 has 
been Secretary of the African Lakes 
Coy. in Glasgow. 

Address : 16, Kensington Gate, Glasgow. 


Issue ; 

a. Annie Maitland. B. 1887. 

b. (Margaret Louisa. B. 1891. 

c. I Dorothy Caroline. B. 189,1. 

B. Julia Matilda. B. 1859. 

C. Annie Fleming. B. 1862. M. 1893, Rev. 

Hugh Lenox Hodge, one of the American 
Theological family. No issue. He B. 

William Nicol Duckworth. {Vide p. 17.) 

■ B. 8 Nov., 1829, at Gibraltar. M. 3 Oct., 1861, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Adam Paterson, 
W.S. Edinburgh. D. 16 Mch., 1899, at 
Copford Place, Colchester. 

She D. 3 May, 1908, aged 69, at The Hurst, 
Church Cookham, Hants, where she was 

Issue : 

I. Herbert William B. 17 May, 1876. Captain 
York and Lancaster Regt., served in 
Boer War 1900-2. Wounded at Spion 
Kop. D. 31 May, 1909. 

II. Lionel Geoffrey. B. 9 June, 1879. 

A. Alice Maud. M. 15 Nov., 1893, Adam Black 

Issue : 

1 James Stuart. B. 13 Dec, 1894. 


B. Constance. D. 22 June, 1865, at Dawlish. 

C. Ada Gertrude. M. 12 Oct., 1897, Cecil 

Samuel Joy, eldest son of Canon Joy. 

Address : Flixton, Bungay, Suffolk. 
Issue : 

1. Ronald Cecil Graham. B. 30 July, 1898. 

2. Hugh Leslie. B. 19 Feb., 1900. 

3. Edward Greville. B. 28 Mch., 1904. 

D. A daughter, who desires to be anonymous. 

E. Edith Marion (Mai). M. 10 April, igoi, 

Major V. R. Pigott, of Grendon, Bucks. 
Royal Warwickshire Regt. 


Christopher Randolphe. B. 1904. 
Joyce Margery. B. 1903. 

Robinson Duckworth, D.D. (Vide p. 17) 

B. 4 Dec, 1834. 

Educ. Royal Institution School, Liverpool, and 
University College, Oxford. Scholar and 
Exhibitioner. B.A. (1st Class Classics) 1857. 
Fellow of Trinity Coll., Oxford, i860. 
Assistant Master at Marlborough, 1857-60. 
Tutor, Trinity Coll., 1860-66. Instructor 
1866 and Governor 1867-70 to H.R.H. Prince 
Leopold, Duke of Albany. 

Vicar of St. Mark's, Hamilton Terrace, 1870-1906. 
Canon of Westminster, 1875. Sub-Dean of 


Westminster, 1895. Chaplain-in-Ordinary 
to H.M. Queen Victoria, 1870-igoi. 

Hon. Chaplain to H.K.H. Prince of Wales, 
1875-1901. Chaplain to the Civil Service 
Volunteers, V.D., 1901 ; C.V.O., igo2. 
Proctor in Convocation, 1894-igoo. Chaplain- 
in-Ordinary to H.M. King Edward VII., 1901. 
Chaplain of the Order of the Hospital of 
St. John of Jerusalem. 

Address : 6, Little Cloisters, Westminster, 
London, S.W. 

Henry Duckworth. (Vide p. 17) 

B. 27 Aug., 1836. M. 12 Feb., 1867, Mary 
Jane Bennett, younger dau. of Thos. F. 
and Anne Ramsden (nee Gladstone). 

Address : 7, Grey Friars, Chester. 

Issue : 

I. Rev. Henry Thos. Forbes. B. 29 Nov., 1868. 
M.A., Merton College, Oxford ; Prof, of 
Greek and Dean of Trinity College, 
Toronto, Canada. M. 2 Sept., 1908, 
Hope Holland, dau. of the late 
Wellington Hunt of Brantford, Ontario, 

II. Wynfrid Laurence Henry. B. 5 June, 1870. 
M.D., Sc.D., M.A., and Fellow of Jesus 
College, Cambridge. M. 16 Sept., 1902, 
Eva Alice Cheyne, widow of late Charles 


Cheyne, Lieut 24th P.I. Indian Staff 

III. Francis Robinson Gladstone. B. 21 Aug., 
1881. M.A. Trinity College, Oxford; 
Master at Eton. M. 2 Aug., 1906, 
Ethelwyn Compton, only dau. of Head- 
master of Dover College. 

A. Evangeline Mary Elizabeth. B. 27 Dec, 1871. 

B. Mary Emmeline Theodora. B. 15 Jan., 1874. 

M. 15 April, 1903, Walter William Skeat, 
M.A., Christ College, Cambridge. 
Issue : 

1. William Oswald. B. 9 Aug., 1904. 

2. Theodore Cressy. B. 15 Feb., 1907. 

Dyce Duckworth. (Vide p. 17.) 

B. 24 Nov., 1840. Kt. Cr. 1886. Bt. 1909. Con- 
sulting Physician St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; 
Medical Referee to Treasury since 1904. 
Educ. Royal Institution School, Liverpool, 
Edinburgh University and St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital. M.D. Edinb., 1863 (gold medalist) ; 
F.R.C.P. London, 1870; Hon. M.D. 
Cincinnati, 1879 ; Hon. F.R.C.P. Ireland, 
1887 ; Hon. M.D. Royal University, Ireland, 
1887; Hon. LL.D. Edin., i8go; Assistant 
Surgeon R.N. 1864 — 5; 12 years Surgeon 
Civil Service Rifle Vols. ; Treasurer Royal 
College of Physicians since 1884 ; Senior 
Censor 1903 — 4; Representative Royal Coll. 
Phys. in Genl. Medical Council 1886 — 91 ; 


late Hon. Physician to H.M. the King, when 
Prince of Wales ; late President Clinical Soc. 

M. 26 Apl., 1870, 1st, Annie Alicia {nee Hop- 
kins), widow of John Smith, of Mickleham 
Hall, Dorking, late of Bombay. She D. at 
Westgate 14 Sept., 1889. Buried at Bletch- 
worth, Surrey. 

Issue : 

I. Edward Dyce. B. 10 July, 1875. B.A., 
formerly Scholar Pembroke College, 
Oxford. I.C.S. Burma. 

A. Elizabeth Dyce (Elsie). B. 21 Sept., 1871. 

D. 20 Mch., 1884. 

B. Margt. Dyce. B. 22 Apl., 1873. Lived only 

14 hours. 

M. 2nd, 4 Nov., 1890, Ada Emily, dau. of 
G. Arthur Fuller, of The Rookery, 

Issue : 

II. Christian Leslie Dyce. B. 19 Nov., 1891. 

III. Arthur Dyce. B. 6 Mch., 1896. Naval 
Cadet 1908. 

Address : 28, Grosvenor Place, London, S.W. 

Elizabeth Forbes Duckworth. {Vide p. 17.) 

B. at Malta 29 Jan., 1832. M. 3 Sept , 1856, the 
Rev. John Troutbeck of Blencowe, Cum- 
berland. M.A. University College, Oxford ; 

4 8 

D.D. Lambeth ; Chaplain in Ordinary to 
Queen Victoria ; Secretary to the New Tes- 
tament Revision Company ; Precentor of 
Westminster Abbey. He D. n Oct., 1899, 
and was buried in the Cloisters of Westminster 

Address : 13, Belgrave Road, London, S.W. 
Issue : 

I. John. B. 7 May, i860. M.A., B.C.L. Educ. 
Westminster School and Queen's College, 
Oxford ; Coroner for Westminster and 
South-Western District ; Deputy High 
Bailiff of Westminster ; Secretary to the 
Governing Body of Westminster School. 
M. 25 July, 1889, Harriet Elizabeth, dau. 
of the late Henry Monro of Craiglockhart, 

Address : 6a, Dean's Yard, Westminster, 
London, S.W. 

Issue : 

1. George Lancelot. B. 14 Jan., 1891. 

2. John Monro. B. 2 Nov., 1894. 

a. Margaret. B. 28 July, 1892. D. 15 Jan-, 

b- Katherine Elizabeth. B. 11 Nov., 1898. 

II. Henry. B. 25 Feb., 1866. MA., M.B., B.C. 
Caius College, Cambridge. M. 22 Aug., 
1900, Ellen Sarah, dau. of the late John 
Joseph Strickland. 


Address: 151, Ashley Gardens, Westminster, 
London, SW. 

Issue : 

1. Wilfrid Henry. B. 13 July, igo2. 

III. Arthur. B. 13 Aug., 1867. D. 9 Mch., 1868. 

A. Georgina Elizabeth. B. 10 Feb., 1858. 

B. Edith. B. 26 April, 1862. 

C Mildred Eleanor. B. 4 Sept, 1864. D. 15 Mch., 

Joha Wright. {Vide p. 18.) 

B. 17 May, 1837. M. twice. D. at Agra, June, 
1871. Capt. 106th Foot, now 2nd Battn. 
Durham Light Infantry. 

M., 1st, Sarah, dau. of General Stockley. 
Issue : 

1. James Nicol. B. 1869. D. 1898. Unmarried. 

M., 2nd, Anne, dau. of Dr. Maxtone, Hon. 

East India Company's Service. 

Issue : 

A. Eveline Christina Jane. B. 28 Nov., 1871. 
M. Capt. W. B. Lauder, Devon Regt, 
now Major Army Pay Dept., at Hong 

Issue : 

1. Ian Connaill Anthos William, B. 13 July, 


a. Edith Moina Vere Besant, B. 29 Jan., 1906. 

b. Fiona Vivian Clare, B. 29 Jan., 1906. 

Mrs. Wright M. again Col. E. S. Browne, V.C., 
S. Wales Borderers. 

Constance Wright. (Vide p. 18) 

B. 7 Jan., 1841. M. 1862, in Edin., Col. Edwin 
Maude, 109th Regt., now 2nd Battn. 
Leinster Regt. She D. in London, 1876. He 
D. at Bournemouth, 30 Mch., 1908, age 81. 

Issue : 

I. Edwin de Montalt. D. in infancy at Aden. 

II. Fredk. Sydney Armstrong. B. 1865. Educ. 
at United Service College, Westward 
Ho ! Lived many years in America, 
now at home. 

Address : Riversdale, Bournemouth. 

A.Constance. B. 1863. M. 1888, Stuart Mitford 
Fraser, of Balliol College, Oxford, I.C.S., 
CLE., Resident in Mysore, 1908. 

Issue : 

1. Denholm de Montalt Stuart. B. 1889. 
Educ. at Rugby, now at Sandhurst. 

a. Maude. B. 1893. 

b, Violet. B. 1895. 



Notes from Dr. Wm. Nicol's Memorandum Book, Jan., 
1802, to June, 1804 — being notes of payments, receipts, 
engagements, etc. 


26 Feb. Went to Aberdeen and got my Brother James sworn 

in at the Custom House as Land waiter. Expenses 

£1 15s 
13 Mar. Agreed with Jas. Reidto build a House for J. Stewart 

for £7 1 os 

2 Apl. To-day came the news of the Defensive treaty 
between France and England being signed on the 
27th ulto. 

6 „ Drawing two teeth, 2s 

9 „ Sent James to pay little Willie's two last school quarters' 
fees, £2 (the above James would be his brother, and 
little Willie, his nephew, then aged n| years, after- 
wards Merchant in Bombay and M.P. for Dover, 
13 „ At 5 this morning Mrs. Nicol delivered of a daughter 
(Elizabeth Forbes). 

1 May. Volunteers Discharged to-day per order of the Lord 

24 „ Jane and Mary entered at School (then aged 6\ and 
5^ years, afterwards Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Low). 

28 „ Went to Roup at Mains of Dunnottar ; cattle sold 
higher than ever known, bought a Cow at 6 months' 
credit, £13 ios. 

18 Oct. Christy Sinclair settled by giving me a Beehive for 
payment of her husband's Account valued at £1 5s. 


1 803. 

5 Feb. Got a Saddle and Bridle for a fee valued at £i ios. 

io „ Mr. Webster, Hallhill, paid his Account for two years, 
2 bolls meal at £3, and balance in cash, being £2 12s. 

1 1 „ Received a Diploma for Doctor of Medicine from 
Marischal College. 

15 Apl. Died last night the good wife of Bringieshill (Ann 
Edward, wife of Wm. Nicol, Junr.) 

25 May. Began with The Times. 

10 July. Passed this place upwards of 100 Sail of Merchant- 
men for the Baltic under Convoy. 

5 Sept. Called to Mr. Richardson, beat by Mr. Barclay, of 
Ury, found him cut in two or three places on the right 
side of his head, his face swelled, and the corner of 
the right jaw, a cut on his right thumb, and one on 
his right little toe, a livid blotch and contusion on 
left breast, his face bloody, and neckcloth. 


2 Feb. J. Robert's trial for sheep stealing before the Sheriff, 

sentenced to whipping and banishment. 

1 Mch. John Robert whipped through the Town and banished 
the country. 

13 Apl. Bought the lands of Bishopton at Public Roup for 
£600 (these lands adjoining his wife's Estate of 

3 May. Bargained with VVm. Fiddes to build a house for D. 

Stuart at £6 ios. 

Lamley &* Co., Publishers, South Kensington 



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